Decisions, Ethics, and Uncertainty, join the reading group

November 9, 2017

Ryan Doody (Centre for Moral and Political Philosophy) & Mantas Radzvilas (Edelstein Center)


First Meeting: Sunday, November 12, 12:00-14:00

Where: Room 5411 (Dean’s Conference Room), Faculty of the Humanities, Mt. Scopus

Permanent Place & Time: To be decided at the first meeting. (We will meet every other week.)

Notice about where and when we will be permanently meeting will come soon after the first meeting!


The Centre for Moral and Political Philosophy and the Edelstein Center for the History and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Medicine are holding a reading group on decision theory, game theory, behavioral economics, ethics and uncertainty, and related topics.


We will meet every other week (time and location to be decided at the first meeting). Participants will take turns leading a session by (1) presenting some work-in-progress, (2) discussing a draft of a paper, (3) presenting on a published paper or book chapter, etc. on a topic related to the theme. More specific plans, and suggestions for readings, will be discussed in the first meeting.


All are invited!


Ryan Doody will briefly present some work-in-progress ("Parity, Prospects, and Predominance") during the first meeting. No pre-reading necessary! 

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